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Privacy and Data Protection Statement

The new data privacy regulation GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation, came into force on 25th May 2018. Our privacy notice has been updated to reflect the new regulation.

In order to open an account on this website we request that you read and agree to the following statement. If you have previously signed up for an account without accepting the statement, and now having read it you disagree with it, please contact us as detailed in the paragraph below, "Your Right to be Forgotten", and request for your account to be deleted. At our discretion, old or inactive accounts may also be removed from our system if we've not heard from the account owner.

We know that your privacy is important. We will store your contact details securely and not make unnesessary copies of them. We will not share or sell your details to any third parties, excepting for sharing relevant details including your name, address, email address and/or phone number to our delivery partners for the sole purposes of delivering your order or for sorting out delivery problems. We do not ask for any other details about you other than those details required to make a successful delivery of your order.

Your email address is used by us for the purpose of communicating with you the status of your order and for other related enquiries. We may, very occassionally, send important information about our website or your account to your email address. Although we do not normally send newsletters, we will respect your right not to receive promotional messages if you have elected not to receive newsletters. We do not engage in marketing via post.

You are asked to supply a phone number with your contact information in order to assist with delivery in cases where the delivery driver needs clarification of a location or time for delivery. We may also contact you on the supplied number if we need to clarify something regarding your order. We do share phone numbers with our delivery partners, but not with any other third parties for any other purpose. We will not send you spam or promotional messages via text or voice calls.

Your "Right to be Forgotten"

If you wish us to delete your account, please email us with the subject line "Account Deletion Request". In the message area please include your name and address so that we can identify your account. We will have one month in which to remove your details from our system, including your account records and any order history. If, later, you wish to order from our website again, you would have to sign up for a new account. Please note that we cannot delete all emails related to your contacts with us as copies of these are held on servers belonging to our email providers.


CubeCart (the e-commerce software that this site is based on) uses a number of cookies none of which store any personal data. Please note that the main session cookie has a dynamic name and it will be different for each CubeCart store. Dynamic parts of the cookie name are shown as XXXXXXXXXX below.

Please check your browser inspector as to which cookies are actually being used as there may be others created by 3rd parties or custom skins. The cookie list below assumes that the store is using the default "Foundation" theme (it is not!) Depending whether you have SSL setup for secure page loads you should find that the main session cookie is one of the first two below. 


Cookie NameTypeValueDescription
CC_XXXXXXXXXXStrictly NecessaryRandom StringThis is the main session cookie over an insecure http connection used to keep data such as basket content between page loads.
CCS_XXXXXXXXXXStrictly NecessaryRandom StringThis is the main session cookie over a secure https connection used to keep data such as basket content between page loads.
ccScrollFunctionalJSON StringThis is used to memorise how far the user has scrolled in order to display the same on return.
product_viewFunctional"list" or "grid"This is used to memorise if the products should be displayed as a list of grid.
accept_cookiesFunctional1This cookies is set after the user has consented to the cookie acceptance dialogue to prevent the message showing on subsequent page loads.



Payments handled through Paypal UK use Paypal Express. Paypal's privacy policy can be found here (opens as a pop-up window). Your Paypal account details are secure and we do not have access to them. When you make a payment through Paypal your name, delivery address, email and phone number (if supplied) is stored with your order on our database. We're also sent an email from Paypal containing the same information.

Please note that you may use a credit or debit card to make your payment through Paypal, but we do not accept card payments directly through this website or on the phone. You do not need a Paypal account to make a card payment through them. Please never send your card details to us via email as we cannot process them on this site, and your details may not be secure.

If making a payment via bank transfer, the transaction is between your bank and our bank. We will need to confirm the transfer manually so please contact us by email to confirm that you have made the payment.

Your IP address is tracked and logged for security and technical reasons during your visit to this website. For example, if you've contacted us saying that you are having problems using the website, we may use traces of your IP address during fault finding.

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